Filmscreening: Uzumaki, by Higuchinsky (2000) 23 May 20:30

A creepy, atmospheric Japanese gothic suspense film that shows influences from David Lynch and David Cronenberg as well as from the renowned literary giant H.P. Lovecraft, mixed with genuinely original oriental touches to produce a unique cinematic experience. In a sleepy Japanese town in the countryside, people start to behave erratically. It’s up to the young student Kirie to discover what is going on as the erratic behavior becomes more dangerous and the first blood is spilled.

Uzumaki is based on a highly praised Manga serial, successfully adapted to the big screen by director Higuchinsky and after a screening at festivals ten years ago, it disappeared into obscurity as it was ahead of its time. When the J-horror film became a huge hype, Uzumaki was sadly left behind. Time to correct this error! Drop by and enjoy this beautiful, well-crafted film that is high in setting the right mood and creating a suspenseful atmosphere then it is in cheap thrills and sudden shocks. Support the cinema and Schijnheilig as they are once again involved in the stupid nonsensical pseudo-legal merry-go-round.

23rd of May, 20.30 @ Passeerdersgracht 23, free entrance.