SKOR: Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility: Film Programme Part II, 19 October 8.00pm

Actors, Agents and Attendants: Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility

Film Programme on every tuesday the 12th, 19th an 26th October from 8.00pm in Schijnheilig. More info:

Tuesday 26 October, Active citizenship, collective identity and resistance:

Dammi I Colori (2003) Albania, 16 min. dir. Anri Sala
Get Rid of Yourself (2003)USA, France, Italy, 61min. dir. Bernadette Corporation
Shut the Fuck Up! (1985) USA, the Netherlands, 14 min. dir. General Idea

Tuesday 19 October, Health-Care, society and activism:
Hospital (1970) USA, 84 min. dir. Frederick Wiseman & Fast Trip, Long Drop (1993) USA, 53 min. Dir. Gregg Bordowitz


…Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility is a two-day symposium which seeks to connect current debates about care and citizenship in contemporary art, philosophy and politics to the realities of healthcare organisation in the Netherlands and internationally. The event is part of a series of symposia Agents, Actors and Attendants.

The accompanying Film Programme presents three film evenings, aiming at contextualising and reflecting on the themes and notions explored throughout the symposium. Through a comprehensive selection of artists’ films and documentaries, the Film Programme exemplifies and articulates the politics of resistance and participation in relation the idea of democracy and ideology.

On this occasion, SKOR joins forces with Schijnheilig, an Amsterdam based cultural collective involved in the claim of unused spaces for creative and political purposes. The venue therefore embodies the very idea of political struggle that is highlighted throughout the event. The bar will be open after each session to further the discussion.


Past events:
Tuesday 12 October, Theories on governance and neo-liberal politics:

Encirclement: Neo-liberalism Ensnares Democracy (2008) Québec, Canada, 160 min. dir. Richard Brouillette