23/11 | Andrew Nathaniel McIntosh

Andrew McIntosh, violin, viola – with Melinda Rice, violin

Play works by: Wolfgang VON SCHWEINITZ * Iannis XENAKIS * Marc SABAT * Andrew THOLL * Tom JOHNSON * Andrew MCINTOSH * Jürg FREY * Christian WOLFF * Daniel CORRAL * John CAGE * Luciano BERIO

Time: 8.30 pm

This November, Andrew McIntosh, Californian string virtuoso will visit Amsterdam and perform two concerts!

McIntosh, who plays violin, viola and viola da gamba, specializes in contemporary and experimental chamber music, playing masterpieces by the great composers of the avant-garde as well as new work in the experimental tradition.

On the 21st, at the Pianolamusuem, he will be joined by pianist Dante Boon. On the 23rd, at Galerie Schijnheilig, he will be joined by violinist Melinda Rice.

A breathtaking program that combines some of the most beautiful and impressive masterpieces of avant-garde music with exciting new explorations!

Wolfgang von Schweinitz
Plainsound litany no. 2 (2009)
(European premiere)

Iannis Xenakis
Embellie (1981)

Marc Sabat
Two commas (2004)

Andrew Tholl
My memories are never an accurate representation (2008)

Tom Johnson
Tilework (2003)

Andrew McIntosh
Condensation and rarefaction two violins (2008)

Jürg Frey
A memory of perfection (2010)

Christian Wolff
“Coatroom” duo (2010)

Daniel Corral
Home (2008)

John Cage
Eight whiskus (1985)

Andrew McIntosh
Three ascents for Ian (2008)

Luciano Berio
“Fishes” Duo

Entrance Free (voluntary donation)