15/04/12 | Open Series vs. Live Clash (with Black Box Red + Lola Montez), 21:00

Black Box Red (Leeuwaarden, NL)
+ Lola Montez (Amsterdam/Utrecht, NL)

Quote by Virtual Festivals: “This is one boy/girl duo who aren’t dealing in cute and cuddly lo-fi. Fast, furious and possessing more attitude in their smudged eyeliner than should be legal”

BlackboxRed -from the Netherlands- is loud, grunge, sexy and danceable.
Eva plays the guitar as if it were on fire and Stefan smashes his drums, whilst a mysterious chemistry floats between them. It’s time to dance to the grunge!

A male drummer and a female guitarist from Friesland (the very North of Holland): two opposites in gender, differing 6 sizes in shoes, 350 days of age and 20 kilos in weight. Together they make a raw combination of grunge, blues and electro that encourages the crowd to
start dancing. With their strong DIY attitude they already achieved a lot and constantly keep challenging themselves.

They’re influenced by many grunge and electronic music like: Crystal Castles, Blood Red Shoes and The Dead Weather.

In November 2011 BlackboxRed released their debut EP “Battle The Sparrows” in the Netherlands on Dying Giraffe Recordings. The EP received both national and international positive reviews and is
released in the UK in March 2012 on the London based label EEK Recordings.



explosive post punk in seventeen languages. Put on clean socks.

http://vondelbunker.nl/ (right underneath tram 3 inside the Vondelpark)

Doors Open 21:00
First Band 22:00
Ends 1a.m.
entrance: donations welcome!

the whole night will be recorded LIVE! by http://noiseproblems.blogspot.com/