10/11/12 Live Clash Wild Edition: WOLVON/FAT BICTH/SHUDDER PULPS

Live Clash proudly presents the Wild Edition night with Fat Bicth and Shudder Pulps from London, England, perfectly complimented with WOLVON from Groningen.


FAT BICTH are from Brighton and are a rhythmical, mathy rock trio influenced by AC/DC, Polvo and Captain Beefheart. Mesmerising and uplifting with a tongue wedged in cheek, they find constant grooves in jarringly brilliant melodies. Featuring members of such forgotten Brighton favourites as Ack Ack Ack, The Phil Collins 3 and Yukki.


SHUDDER PULPS is a three piece band from London/Brighton, who make music focusing on repetition and build ups, with echo-ey vocals and “jangly” guitars, whilst maintaning a “pop” ish sound…taking influence from bands like My Bloody Valentine, Television and Cold Pumas.


WOLVON enriched the world with three post-noise tracks, featuring overdriven, angular guitar riffs and laden with reverberant, dissonant vocals. Although a large part of their music is loud, with an in-your-face attitude, they sometimes allow their audience a breather, incorporating tenuous dream-pop-like sequences. In this sense, WOLVON can be enchanting and overwhelming at the same time.





Free entrance / Donations – doors open at 20.30