15/12 Les Croissants Terribles & NO|me in de Vondelbunker!

15 December | 21:00 | Vondelbunker
Appetizer: Les Croissants Terribles
Main course: No|me After sonically trashing the small stage at the last Damoclash festival, the gents of both No|me and Les Croissants are back! This time they sought refuge in a spatially gentrified bunker and gladly invite you all to come before the epic Mayan-end arrives.

Be there!

Les Croissants Terribles: French for continental breakfast!

Music of Les Croissants Terribles is concerned with doing some thing special with air, strings and drums. Most songs are concerned with about some kind of problem, brought to you in Fringlish and / or Dutch. Interesting sounds: folkpolkacabaretstories?


No|me: some reasonably good musicians in some kind of a sense.

Music of NO|me deals with what gets left behind, rests and remains. Departing from images of architectures and cities, sounds of French chanson, Weimar cabaret, Argentine tango and Gypsy swing they create their own collage of music and language as uniting elements of time and memory. NO|me sing in Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, English & Polish.