24/03/13 | Live Clash: Kanipchen Fit & The Nobis, 20:00h

Since 2004, Kanipchen-Fit is a noisy, raucous and whole-hearted three-piece band, fronted by the axis of Empee Holwerda (NL, ex- of the great Dutch bands Lul and Solbakken, former interviewer for VPRO tv programs Geen Commentaar/Top Man) on guitar and vocals, performance artiste and poet Gloria (US, ex- of the Pussy Poets, NYC), now with drummer and photographer Joni Spaan (NL, ex-drummer for Dutch bands Jonus, Halifax, and Pfaff). Their strong suit is making an intelligent and inspiring racket. The songs are simple and straightforward, double vocals, a rough and loud guitar, and drums, but with unexpected rhythmic and harmonic changes, avoiding rock-clichés. Shifting from aggressive pieces to melancholic songs, with lots of funky moves in between. They groove to Nina Simone, Young Marble Giants, Shuggie Otis, Bad Brains, X-Ray Spex, and ESG. This trio takes on very diverse subjects like; prison entertainment, heroic alcoholics, torture on the radio, and late night braggadocio. They released their CD “Multibenefit” in 2010 distributed by Konkurrent, and 7″ with Zea (NL) in 2009 released by Red Wig.


ELECTRONICA / SHOEGAZE / DREAM POP duo band from Tokyo made from Emi and Masakazu. The Nobis sound is ethereal and dreamy tripping you on a nostalgic journey. Combination of soft ghostly child-like vocals with layer of new wave synth, and electric guitar melting into the love beats. They are currently on a tour thorough New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, Toronto, Winnipeg, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, and Berlin leaving Japan 11 days after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster 150 km away from their home.



Doors open at 20:00