10,11,12/05 | SOTU FESTIVAL!

The SOTU is a five day festival in Amsterdam, which is happening 5, 9, 10, 11, 12 May 2013 in a collaboration between venues OCCII, OT301 and Vondelbunker. On the 5th of May we collaborate with the Doek Festival on a night in the Vondelbunker. In 2012 we celebrated a succesfull first edition with around 90 acts and performances over 4 locations. The festival concentrates on alternative and independent music culture with noise, indie rock, psychedelia, avant-garde, bass music, improv jazz and underground dance. Also included within the program are documentaries, workshops, art and performances. This second edition is realized thanks to the dedication and contributions from 25 organizations, collectives and curators.



Friday ticket 10 May (10.-)
Saturday ticket 11 May (12.-)
Sunday ticket 12 May (7,-)
Passepartout 10/11/12 May (26.-)

entry for both locations OT301 & OCCII (Lost Property & Vondelbunker are free)


TIMETABLE: http://www.sotufestival.com/timetable


DIRECT LINK TO MAP AND TIMETABLE:  http://www.sotufestival.com/webroot/data/modules/downloads/timetable-map.zip