03/11/13 | Atomic Cinema Presents: El Dia Del Muertos Animated Shorts!

We’re going to screen some psycho psychedelic animated shorts, courtesy of the Colombian programmer and film maker Miguel Jara and Enrique Gomezllata. Or as Miguel says:
“Psychedelica is that what renders evident the presence of the mind in experience as a mode.
Artificial psychedelia has been visually associated with fractal geometry or phosphene experience. Both cases are close related with visual alteration through entheogen ingestion.
Tonight we are going to see animations that are part of a program that join them together: Daring Psychedelias. Named this way because they play in the very boundaries of some basic mental skills linked with understanding as the tracing of certitude and the setting up of definitions. This is a kind of psychedelia that affects through the figuration of the impossible.
So, it’s gonna be trippy! And free! Follow the pumpkin!
Doors open at 21:00 – free entree, donations always welcome!