01/03 | Live Clash: Stray Dogs (BE, live), Boris Scorpio (live), DJ Mataklap

Another electronic edition of Live Clash coming to you as a thunderbolt!




Stray Dogs (BE):
Koenraad Ecker (cello, guitars, electronics) and Frederik Meulyzer (percussion, electronics) have a long‐standing musical tradition that they operate on the fringes of electronic, dub, contemporary classical & experimental music with intense physicality that needs to be felt as much as heard.


On stage and in the studio Stray Dogs use a wide range of live percussion, prepared acoustic & electric guitars, cello and analog synths to develop raw and highly textural musical structures somewhere in between ritual drumming, industrial noise, dub echoes and disintegrating orchestras.


Boris Scorpio (NL):
People say he can do voodoo with his magic modular synthesizer. To all people within sound range.


DJ Mataklap (NL):
He does nothing less than dancefloor wildlife, hit-and-run parties, feral electronics, untamed audio, fine-tuned lo-fi, worldwide wobble, migratory riddims, uprooted bass, nomad soundsystems, concrete jungles, organic metropoles, hightech squats, lowlife glamour.


Be prepared.


01/03 – 21:00 // Vondelbunker // Donations are welcome!