22/02/14 | De Rebellenclub!

De Rebellencub! 22 februari 20:00 @ de Vondelbunker!


– ‘Because every revolution needs a theme song!’ –
Made possible by:
Sara Molinari (and her theme song of the Rebellenclub)
Jillis Kruk
Montse Pereda Grillo
Almudena Rubio & Davide Cristiani
Blue Crime
Wolf Aartsen
– and many others
Because of the cause:
De Rebellenclub is a new recurring event at the Vondelbunker that explores the validity of the conviction that there can be no art without a cause. That art can be more then a passive mirror of the ego or the society it derives from. That art is a powerful way to express, manifest or claim a cause, both personal and activist.


Every event of De Rebellenclub soft-focusses on one of the many activist or revolutionary movements in history up to today. Not necessary by abundant information or critical lectures, but with a pallet of artistic expressions like poems, songs, paintings and performances. Every performer, band and artist at the evening is asked to reflect on the theme of the evening, but is – of course – free to do not so.


The first evening shall have sudden burps of expressions about or derived from the many separatist movements in Spain, but also the Civil War. Questioning if it is possible for Spanish art to be politically neutral, and why art in general could or should be without a cause …


… because we all love Bob Ross, don’t we: http://youtu.be/eUydfTmUkME