07/06 | Schijnheilig and DIT @ De Valreep Manifestatie! With Los Cripis en The Sasters

Schijnheilig fully supports the Valreep!


DoItTogether (DIT) would announce with Schijnheilig the first evening of this special collaboration at the Vondelbunker, but we decided to fully support the Valreep Manifestation at the 7th of June!


Los Cripis came all the way from Buenos Aires to play
some tunes across Europe! DIT decided to be part of this and in combination with Vondelbunker and Programma op de Valreep we’re making their van stop in Amsterdam to play at the last festival of the Valreep!



The Valreep was squatted almost 3 years ago and lots of volunteers “renovated” it and started a social centre, this is their goodbye party, if you like independent & d.i.y. art and movements we recommend you come support this festival and these bands!



The local improv punk duo The Sasters stepped up to the plate to come out and support Los Cripis on their quest to kick some butt, and so this is the full line up for this saturday 7th of June!
on the second stage, in the evening you will find Los Cripis and The Sasters kicking it.






\\\\\\\First Stage///////
Rolf de Band
Bag Juice
Le Fromage
Grass Moawer
Quartier Mustache (DJ)


\\\\\\Second Stage//////
Miss Andy
Ro Halfhide
Kees Franse
Amir Kasanrokyat
Dusty Stray
Flavour Coalition
Los Cripis
The Sasters



DIT Promo:



Los Cripis – Mountains




The Sasters




The Event is free of charge but donations are a must to support the bands!
hope to see you there!