10/07/14 | KONTRA:BAR + docu “The Joy of Children Laughing”

Tijdens deze Kontra:Bar laten we de korte documentaire “The Joy of Children Laughing” van Matthijs Diederiks zien.
Matthijs is zelf ook aanwezig en zal vooral een kleine intro geven en beschikbaar zijn voor allerhande vragen.
Aanvang 21:30


“The documentary “The Joy of Children Laughing” follows the life of an Amsterdam based  street artist that goes by the name Influenz. His actions or way of working are references to films such as Inside/outside, and the short film Territorial Pissings by Swedish artist Nug.  Influenz talks about a rebellious sub culture that has lost most of it’s power the moment it got embraced and incorporated by the masses. “The Joy of Children Laughing” questions the way the graffiti and street art cultures have developed, the stereotypical idea people have about graffiti and the people involved in it.”




Trailer ‘The Joy of Children Laughing’