16/07 | Antifascist benefit

KilnAboy – anarcho folk punk from Wales are on the road for their European tour and are coming to Amsterdam for a night of mayhem and frolicks!

Shitfaced Mermaids – accoustic screaming folk from Groningen. Armed with Bucket bass, Violin, Banjo, Musical saw, Musical Washboard, Guitar, Accordion and a screaming little girl! Check them out at Shitfaced Mermaids

Trikosis – International Street Klezmer Gipsy Anacho Folk band. Literally trikosis means bodily disorders, loss of the control of the body and face muscles, By “trikosis” effect, it is meant an irresistible inclination to dance, that is extremely contagious. Hoppa hoppa!! You can check them out here Trikosis

Rusty Tools – Anarcho screaming folk featuring member(s) of Shitfaced Mermaids and Ash Victim!

There will be an AFA Nederland stand with info, tshirts, stickers and books. Also more zine and distro stands.


The event is a benefit for the local antifascist campaign and an awareness raiser for antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman. Jock Palfreeman has been imprisoned in Bulgaria since 2007 for stopping a racist attack that resulted fatally for one of the attackers that started it. Jock was never given a fair trial and has been trapped in the Bulgarian prison system. He got handed a 20 year sentence and has been refused transfer back to his native Australia.

All proceeds will go to the AFA campaign and the Prisoners Association. The money will be used for a legal aid program to defend prisoners against the prison administration. The Association is the manifestation of the collective wills of prisoners in Bulgaria and shows their intensive and organised struggle to combat the corruption of the penitentiary institutions. Its main goal is to reduce the massive difference between prisoners´ rights in other E.U. member states and these in Bulgaria.