14/01 | Fossil Free UvA & HvA and Divest VU Present: Free Documentary Night!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

On the 14th of January we will be hosting a free documentary evening at the Vondelbunker in Amsterdam!

We will watch the movie ‘The Carbon Rush’, which takes us around the world to meet the people most impacted by climate change. They are the least heard in the cacophony surrounding in the emerging “green-gold” multi-billion dollar carbon industry.

From indigenous rain forest dwellers having their way of life completely threatened, to dozens of Campesinos assassinated, to the livelihood of waste pickers at landfills taken away, The Carbon Rush travels across four continents and brings us up close to projects working through the United Nations, Kyoto Protocol designed Clean Development Mechanism. This groundbreaking documentary feature asks the fundamental questions “What happens when we manipulate markets to solve the climate crisis? Who stands to gain and who stands to suffer?”

The trailer can be watched here:


So come watch the movie, and afterwards drink a beer with us and share your questions/thoughts/frustrations/plans!

Some info about us:
The Fossil Free divestment campaign consists of organised citizens who agree: we need a loud, widespread and diverse global climate movement that can break the fossil fuel industry’s toxic stranglehold over our political and economic systems, creating space for just climate solutions. We believe that divesting public money from the fossil fuel industry is an effective strategy for shifting power away from this industry to keep carbon in the ground and prevent them from accelerating catastrophic climate change.

For more information, check gofossilfree.org, Divest VU, Fossil Free UvA & HvA and 350.org