17/01 | Opening Graphic Surgery -expo and renewed Vondelbunker

Wall painting
Graphic Surgery



Since the existence of the Vondelbunker the concrete walls have always been subject to different kinds of use, mainly to show art. But never before the walls were treated as an art object.

The Vondelbunker is proud to announce that we finally found the perfect compagnon in Graphic Surgery to rework and redefine the space with their well known abstract murals.

They are granted full access to the space this coming week to create their work in reaction to the space as is. The outcome of this process, as well as the new identity of the Vondelbunker, will be visible during the opening of the renewed space.

Vergaarbak (Intergalactic FM) gives a musical reaction and exploration of the work and space. Bodem will play a vinyl only set in the evening.